Is Sleep for Wimps?

We don’t need doctors or scientists to tell us – we instinctively know we feel better when we’re sleeping well. We take a look at our survey results to discuss why sleep really is the great healer.

Though it may seem contradictory in our fast moving 24/7 society, the idea that ‘sleep is for wimps’ is long gone for many. The world’s smartest CEOs definitely do not allow themselves to run on empty says Bradley V Vaughn MD, Professor of Neurology and Biomedical Engineering, University of North Carolina School of Medicine. ‘We see in our research that the Fortune 500 folks do well in sleep. They know when to use short term strategies such as caffeine fixes to push through, but equally understand they’re not helpful for long term success.’

But could it be that Brits, for example, still harbour an outdated, 80s attitude to shut eye? UK respondents rated their quality of sleep as worst of all. 8% graded their sleep as moderate to very poor, whereas 97% of the German and French ticked the good or very good boxes.
‘By far the biggest misconception is that we can get by on sleeping less,’ points out Mary Ellen Wells, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina Neuro Diagnostics and Sleep Science Program. ‘But everyone and everything needs sleep, from humans down to the fruit fly.