TEMPUR Global’s $2.5M boost to the Hurricane Relief Effort

A resident of New Orleans collecting giveaway product at 10 year anniversary event of Hurricane Katrina.

Following the devastation and destruction in Texas, we saw a huge number of people who were affected first hand, our Texas facility is 130kms outside of Houston, our own employees were directly affected by this disaster. We felt it best for everyone involved that we rolled up our sleeves and helped out in the best way we know how, by providing assistance to those who know the areas involved and are on the ground providing disaster relief. With the help of our longtime partners, Good360 & the Society of Vincent De Paul, TEMPUR committed $1,000,000 of product to go towards the relief effort in Texas following Hurricane Harvey.

Following this, tropical storm Irma began to develop, proving the worst was still to come, as many braced for the impact of, then, Hurricane Irma, we were planning how to best get our relief efforts to those who needed it most.

With our donation planned and the strategy in the works, the pictures from the wrath of Irma were being aired all over the world, it was felt that something had to be done for both recovery efforts and for those affected by the tragedy, so we have now increased our disaster recovery plan by $1,500,000. This taking our total contribution to disaster relief efforts to $2,500,000, also, we have earmarked an additional $400,000 to establish a support-fund for retailer-directed charitable contributions.

It’s best summed up by TEMPUR Chairman & CEO, Scott Thompson, “It’s been hard to watch the devastation caused in Florida by Hurricane Irma on the heels of the damage in Texas caused by Hurricane Harvey, but just as we witnessed in Texas, it has been inspiring to see the citizens of Florida pull together to help neighbours, friends and even strangers. As they begin to rebuild their lives, we want them to know that we and our retail partners will be there to help.” With Scott also adding the fact that 4 truck loads of product have already been delivered to those in need, with more due to arrive over the coming weeks.

We have previously engaged in past disaster recovery efforts with the help of Good360, providing relief contributions in Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia and other areas. This partnership has helped thousands of families start again in the wake of disaster. Since 2011, we have donated more than 150,000 beds to charity, with a focus on disaster relief, family and children’s charities, first responders and military organisations.

This being supported worldwide, as mentioned by TEMPUR Australia & New Zealand Managing Director, Jason Nicholas, “The people affected by natural disaster are TEMPUR’s customer base, these are the people who we interact with every day, they are those directly affected by these kinds of disaster, so in many ways, it’s our duty to help them wherever we can, on a local and a global scale.”

If you wish to make a donation to the disaster relief efforts in Texas & Florida, please head to redcross.org/donate.