Is pushing the snooze button on my alarm clock good for me?

It’s the first sound a majority of people hear when they wake up – the ring of the alarm clock. 

Having a good quality TEMPUR mattress will definitely help you wake up feeling refreshed, but regardless of how we’ve slept throughout the previous night, many of us still languidly reach for the snooze button on our phone or alarm clock.

But is this the best thing for you to do? Or should you try to leap out of bed with a spring in your step and a song in your heart as soon as you hear the first chimes of your alarm?

TEMPUR takes a look at the pros and cons of the snooze button…

What are the mechanics of sleep?

Firstly, it’s important to understand what your body does when it’s asleep.

Put simply, during your nightly sleep cycle your body goes through different periods of sleep, staring off in a deep, refreshing sleep before entering a lighter sleep which prepares your brain to restart, ready to wake-up feeling energized.

Does pushing the snooze button help you feel better in the morning?

For many people, the first instinct when waking up is to hit the snooze button and pretend it’s not yet time to get up – and this often happens more than once every morning!

However, this certainly isn’t the best way to prepare for the day.

It’s common to feel even more tired after waking up from pressing the snooze button as those extra few minutes only allow you to experience a light sleep, skipping the much needed deep sleep beforehand.

But even the forced awakening you get from the bleep of the alarm clock can prevent the final stage occurring as it should, making you feel groggy and not ready to get up.

Obviously, not having an alarm isn’t an option for many people so, what can you do to avoid this sleepy feeling in the morning?

How do I wake up feeling refreshed?

The best tip is pretty simple – get enough sleep!

Developing a regular sleeping pattern is the key to completing your sleep cycle every night. Falling asleep at the same time and getting up at the same time can massively improve your level of tiredness.

Your body has a particularly sensitive natural clock so getting outside for at least one hour a day and soaking up the sunlight can help keep your body’s rhythm in check. This helps you to sleep soundly at night, when it is dark and to wake up at dawn as it is getting light.

Avoiding disturbances to your sleep is important. Having the right TEMPUR mattress to support your body during sleep, can prevent you from waking up and disrupting your sleep cycle, making waking up a lot more easy.

You should also set your alarm for the time you actually need to be up. To improve your morning routine and wake up feeling well rested, it is well advised to get straight up out of bed without snoozing.

If you have a good sleep pattern, then you will regularly find yourself waking up just before your alarm.  This is a sign of a good night’s sleep and your body treating you to not having to endure the drone from your alarm clock.


What are your top tips for waking up bright and early? Let us know in the comments below…


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