Sleep remedies that actually work: Lavender, white noise and more

Anyone who has ever experienced the frustration of staring at the ceiling while listening to the clock tick away will understand how frustrating not being able to sleep can cause.

Many people will have tried some kind of sleep remedy with the hope of achieving a good night’s sleep. The problem is, how can you be sure which of them actually work?

TEMPUR have saved you the leg work and pulled together this list of some the most effective sleep remedies around…


Lavender is widely used for its properties which are known to help relax the nervous system. It can be used in many forms, such as oils, as dried herbs or sprays for linen.

It can be used as an infused scent in your room, in a cup of warm tea before bed or sprayed onto a pillow to gently breathe in whilst preparing to fall asleep. Lavender is also mild enough for children to use, so add a couple of drops to your babies bath water to help sooth them to sleep.


With similar effects to lavender, there are many other herbal extracts which can be used to calm your mind and body before bed. Some popular choices are:

• Chamomile
• Rose
• Valerian essential oil
• Lemon balm

Surprisingly, one herb to avoid is peppermint.

As it works as a natural stimulant, using peppermint flavoured toothpaste could be sabotaging your own sleep effort. Try using a milder flavour or try out some natural flavoured toothpastes.

Boost melatonin levels with supplements

Melatonin is naturally produced to support your body in falling asleep. Occasionally we don’t make enough of it and it causes us to struggle to sleep. This can be tackled by adding a supplement in your diet which can boost the hormone to let you know it is time to sleep.

As with any supplement you should consult a doctor before adding something into your diet to ensure you are not covering up a bigger problem.

Play some white noise

If you lay awake at night thanks to the slightest creaky floorboard then introducing some white noise into your room may block out the exasperating noises and lull you into a sound sleep.

These little devices can create a soft buzz of soothing sounds which can drown out all the unwanted noise. This will set you up for a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep.

Regulate light exposure

Light exposure is known to regulate your body clock so it may seem pretty impossible to find any way around this if you miss the daylight hours however, there are some ways to fake exposure to help trick your body.

Having artificial lights which brighten up a room with seemingly natural light can help your body feel like it is soaking up the needed vitamin D. You will feel awake whilst you are under the lights then when you are ready to sleep take fifteen minutes to half an hour unwinding in a darker room and you should feel ready to fall sleep.

Do you suffer from sleepless nights? Do you have any tips for those who do? Let us know in the comments below…

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