#TempurPerfectMorning: What makes the perfect morning?

The perfect morning is different for everyone – but there are certain things most people can agree on.

It needs to be stress-free, full of things we love and, often, luxuriously long.

Ahead of our #TempurPerfectMorning event in London, we’re taking a look at some of the more common ways people enjoy spending the first few hours of the day.

Is your perfect morning amongst them?

The long lie in

For some, the perfect morning would consist of a long, peaceful lie in, and a leisurely cup of tea in bed.

Many will agree this is not a perfect morning until the tea is accompanied by breakfast in bed. Whether it is a slice of crisp toast or a cooked full English, not having to get up to make it yourself adds to the joy of an entirely relaxing morning.

This is prime time to chill out and read the morning paper or catch up on some telly without any interruptions from e-mails, phone calls or unwanted niggling tasks.

The Tempur original memory foam mattress would make this all the more enjoyable as it forms to the shape of your body, providing you with the most comfortable way to lie in.

Early morning workout

For others, after a great night’s sleep, jumping out of bed and hitting the gym, going for a run or just taking the dog out for a walk is the perfect start to the day.

Before the hustle of the day begins, exercise can provide countless benefits to your health and wellbeing. By taking advantage of your body during its most functional time, you can boost your metabolism and stimulate vital hormones to provide yourself with a powerful store of positive energy to get you through the day.

Most importantly, it allows you to bask in the glow of your achievement for the rest of the day – even if you spend the rest of the day eating takeaway in your dressing gown!

Family breakfast

For the socialites and family orientated people among us, a big family breakfast will often prove to be the best start to the day.

Anyone with a busy work life will understand the importance of getting the family together for at least one meal a day and, as many people know, dinner just isn’t always achievable.

Sitting down for a family breakfast can have the same positive effect on family relationships, eating habits and happiness.

With a big breakfast and some solid family time under the belt the day can begin in the best way possible.

But of course, everyone’s idea of a perfect is different. What is your idea of a perfect morning? Let us know your thoughts below…

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