Bedroom design tips to help you sleep: colour advice and Feng Shui

Many of us will have spent countless hours tossing and turning trying to fall asleep at night and blame it on stress, too much coffee or just not being tired enough – but have you considered it may be your bedroom design keeping you up?

Interior designers are suggesting to improve your chances of getting the best night sleep possible you might want to try rethinking the colour scheme in your bedroom.

So, here are TEMPUR’s top design tips to get you sleeping soundly throughout the night…

The psychology behind colour

There are two overall colour groups used in interior design – cool colours and warm colours.

To achieve a peaceful night’s sleep you should be favouring cool colours when you decorate your bedroom. Light blue is often the most serene, followed by moss green, yellow and grey, as many people believe they help your body to unwind, ready to fall asleep.

It is also advisable to use colours with meaning. If you have positive connection with green it will probably work better for you than blue.

Warm colours on the other hand, such as red are thought to raise the heart rate and blood pressure, stimulating your body and keeping you awake. Purple is commonly the worst colour to use in a bedroom as, like many bright colours it’s believed to negatively affect melatonin release which typically helps you sleep.

If you are really set on a using a bright colour, try adding it in as an accent colour rather than an overpowering block colour. A good idea is to feature it in some artwork or as a small feature.

Consider the Feng Shui 

Try adding symmetry into your room by having matching pairs of furniture, such as two bedside tables either side of the bed to provide balance into your room which should promote a calming effect.

Similarly, adding plants and natural art work to your room in symmetrical positions have a similar effect.

The importance of a good bed

100% cotton sheets are the most advisable to buy for your bed. Not only will they provide a cosy night sleep but they can also keep your body cool during the night which will prevent you from waking prematurely.

Adding some essential oil fragrances into your room can help to achieve a soothing environment. Spritzing your sheets with a light layer of lavender linen spray can help you to settle much easier into a deep sleep.

Having the right mattress for your body type is a hugely important factor in achieving a good night sleep. If your body is not properly supported you will continue to wake up throughout the night. With TEMPUR’s hybrid mattress selection, you will be able to find the perfect mattress to suit you.

Do you have any design tips to share? Leave a comment below…

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