Can your bedroom be too hot or cold to sleep?

In the midst of a long winter, it can be tempting to rush in from work and whack the thermostat up until your home feels more like a beach hut in the tropics than a semi in the UK.

Similarly, a balmy summer will see many people throw open the windows or turn up the air conditioning to make their home a cool oasis.

But is this the best thing to do if you want a good night’s sleep?

TEMPUR takes a look at how temperature can affect your ability to get a good night’s sleep and what you can do to ensure you get some good quality shut eye…


Research has shown there is an optimum temperature that can help initiate sleep.

Thankfully, this is around 23°C – a very achievable temperature for those of us living in a temperate climate.

If your bedroom gets too hot or cold during the night, then you are more likely to wake up, which means maintaining this temperature for the duration of your sleep.

However, while it may be relatively straightforward to open a few windows or turn the thermostat up a few degrees, there are plenty of other steps you can take to ensure your body is perfectly prepared for a long slumber.


Our body temperature rises when feeling alert and drops when in a drowsier state.

So, when preparing for sleep, our body temperature naturally drops, conditioning us to feel more lethargic.

As previously mentioned, having a relatively cool bedroom is a big step towards achieving this subtle drop, but there are other things that can help:


  • Take a bath

A warm bath may initially seem counterproductive, but as soon as we get out of the tub to dry off, our body begins to cool.

This temperature drop means your body cools, simulating the drop in temperature your body needs to sleep well. Do remember though that you should leave a good hour or so after getting out of the bath to give your body a chance to fall in temperature.


  • Wear socks

Cold feet can also keep many people awake at night, but the solution could not be simpler – wear socks!

This helps improve circulation to the extremities and opens up the blood vessels in your feet, which means heat is redistributed around your body which helps prepare it for sleep.

Looks like there may be something in your nan’s advice to keep a hot water bottle at the foot of your bed after all…


  • Ensure you have the right mattress

We have designed TEMPUR material to be in the ideal state to soften, compress and conform to your shape and weight at average bedroom temperature.

So, by ensuring your bedroom is the right temperature, your TEMPUR mattress will work with your body to ensure you get a great night’s sleep and wake feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

What are your tips for getting the right temperature in your bedroom? Let us know below…

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  • Sue

    I always leave my window open at night, winter too a balanced temperature works. Cloud 27 is amazing xx

    • #WeLoveSleep

      Glad to hear you’re sleeping well Sue.

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