Christmas Eve sleep tips: how to get excitable children to nod off

Having children in your home for Christmas makes it an even more magical experience.

Their excitable nature is infectious, especially on the eve of the big day when they put out Santa’s mince pies.

Your children have been building up to the 25th for weeks, so it’s no surprise that a child may struggle to get to sleep on Christmas Eve.

Luckily, TEMPUR are here to offer some tips on how to get your little ones off to sleep – no matter how excited they are…


One way to increase the chances of your child falling asleep is to make sure they are exhausted from the fun and physical activities of the day. With it being Christmas, fun activities can usually be found everywhere and anywhere.

This could be an event, such as the village Christmas fayre, or your own activity like arts and crafts, in which the extra concentration required is sure to tire them out.

Another great option is a seasonal winter walk which will also give you the chance to drop off any last minute presents or pick up the final ingredient for your Christmas dinner.


A bath is the perfect way to calm your child down if they are getting too excited before bedtime.

When getting out of the bath our body temperature naturally falls, signalling to our brain that it’s time for sleep. This association that we have helps when trying to get kids into that sleep mode.


This is a perfect Christmas treat for the kids, and something that you as a parent can enjoy too – especially if it’s a seasonal classic like The Night Before Christmas.

Reading the kids a story before they sleep is a great, quiet activity where there is no room for being boisterous.

This period of quiet concentration means they’ll most likely be ready for a snooze at a faster rate.


It’s not just Santa who will benefit from being left some milk on Christmas Eve.

Milk contains tryptophan – an amino acid that helps produce melatonin and serotonin hormones – which can help both you and any child in the house nod off more quickly.

Warm it in a saucepan or the microwave to add an extra cosy feel to the evening.


Making sure the kids are aware of a time that Christmas officially begins can also be a great way of ensuring you aren’t woken at 4am by excitable children desperate to see if Father Christmas has visited and eaten his Mince pies.

If they do wake up, see the time, and know it isn’t quite morning yet, they are more likely to fall back asleep as they definitely know Christmas hasn’t started yet and there is no chance of them being allowed downstairs to look at their presents just yet.

What are your top tips for a restful Christmas Eve? Let us know your advice below!

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