Are lie-ins actually good for you?

After a long week at work, we often dream of a weekend lie in to re-charge our batteries.

Drifting back to sleep on a Saturday morning can sound most appealing, especially when we have no plans until the afternoon.

However, is a significantly longer sleep on our weekends beneficial to us? Or can it do more harm than good?

TEMPUR are here to find this out…


During the week, our body gets in to a routine of getting roughly the same amount of sleep each night. If we sleep in for too long over the weekend, it can confuse our brain and make us feel sluggish.

This ‘hangover’ feeling we sometimes get after a lie in can be due to throwing off our biological clock.

Throughout the week, our body clock gets used to firing us up at a certain time (normally when our regular alarm goes off) and sends messages to our cells to get to work at the start the day.

When we sleep in for too long, our body clock gets confused and isn’t as consistent at sending these messages.

So, if we sleepily wake up at 11am, we may feel fatigued instead of refreshed, as our body clock signalled our cells to start their energy cycle when our weekday alarm would usually go off, not for when we actually wake.


Winter can be the most tempting season to snuggle up in bed for a lie in.

But, this season is the most important one to make sure that you don’t sleep for too long on the weekends, as you could be putting your general sleeping pattern at risk.

Changing up the amount of sleep you get affects your circadian rhythm. This rhythm controls our physical, mental and behavioural fluctuations.

By oversleeping, this rhythm can become out of sync, resulting in feelings of lethargy and fatigue. The human body does not know what time it is, so doesn’t know when to pump the most energy.


However, despite the affect it may have on our sleep patterns, having a good lie in can sometimes have benefits if you are suffering from a number of health conditions.

Diabetes is one such issue that catching up on sleep can improve. Sleeping in for longer means your body gets longer to repair itself – meaning it can clear sugar out of the bloodstream more efficiently. This is because your body’s insulin response has improved.

One thing to look out for though is to not stay in bed for too long, as it can cause back problems. Sleeping in the same position for a long period of time can bring on aches and pains due to lack of movement.

One way to help avoid these aches and pains is to invest in a TEMPUR memory foam mattress.

The TEMPUR Sensation mattress collection is ideal for ensuring that you get the support that you need. The high mobility technology provides the freedom of movement, whilst providing the balance to mould to the shape of your body; keeping you in a comfortable and supported position.

The dreamy ideal of a lie in at the weekend will never subside. But do make sure to think about what effects it can have on your overall sleep patterns – and make an informed decision.

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