How to sleep well with another person

Being in a relationship can be an amazing experience – but it also has its moments that make you crave for the single life.

Toilet seats left up, dishes left unwashed and tense negotiations over the remote control can all be teeth-gratingly annoying.

However, none will have as big an effect on your life as if you struggle to share a bed. TEMPUR looks at some of the ways you can ensure you get a great night’s sleep with another person snoozing beside you…

Enforce a ‘no tech rule’ in bed

We’ve already covered the pitfalls of you personally spending time in front of a screen prior to going to sleep (the blue light from phones, tablets and TVs can delay melatonin release which is needed to ‘relax’ the brain), but the same should apply to your sleeping partner.

Not only will the light emitted be visible to you but it could also lead to your partner having a disturbed start to their night’s sleep.

Ensure that neither of you spend any time answering emails nor composing a witty Tweet while in bed and you should both find yourselves drifting off quickly and quietly.

Make sure your bed is the right size

There are many factors to consider when deciding what size bed you should get.

Practical issues like the space available in your bedroom or aesthetic issues like the overall décor of the room are both big considerations.

However, you should also consider the space you both need for a comfortable night’s sleep. If you or your partner require a lot of space to sleep, then think about investing in a larger mattress. TEMPUR have a range of memory foam mattresses in Super King Size (180 x 200 cm) to ensure you and your partner have enough room to sleep in comfort.

Ensure there’s enough duvet to go around

Similarly, the size of your duvet can also play a part in how well you get to sleep. Most people who have shared a bed will be familiar with that feeling of waking up feeling chilly in the middle of the night, only to find their partner wrapped up in a warm duvet cocoon.

One way of getting around this is to buy a size up when purchasing a duvet. For example, if you have a double bed, buy a king size mattress so that there is plenty of duvet for you both to share.

Wear ear plugs for a peaceful night’s sleep

Having a partner that snores is one of the most common reasons for a disturbed night’s sleep.

There are several long term steps you or your partner can take to eradicate the snoring issue but, in the short term, investing in ear plugs could prevent a frosty atmosphere at breakfast. Buying wax ear plugs which mould to the inner ear and stay in place all night long is the best way forward.

Invest in a memory foam mattress

Even if your partner is a perfectly silent sleeper, their tossing and turning has the potential to disrupt your night’s sleep – that’s where TEMPUR mattresses come into their own.

TEMPUR material absorbs motion so when you and your partner move you are less likely to disturb one another. Motion absorption is measured through rebound – the lower the better. Drop a weighted ball onto standard memory foam and it can rebound up to 20%. TEMPUR has a rebound factor of less than 3%.

What are your top tips for sharing a bed? Let us know your best bits of advice below…

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