Why choosing the right pillow is so important

Having a comfortable place to sleep can often be the make or break of a good night’s rest.

A good night’s sleep is the result of a number of factors but, while many of us focus on lighting and noise-related issues, we can often overlook one of the most important components to getting good quality shut-eye – our pillow.

That’s why TEMPUR have produced this easy guide to help match you with your perfect pillow…

Why choosing the right pillow is essential

Choosing the right pillow and positioning it correctly is vital for your quality of sleep.

In addition to comfort, the right pillow can also provide you with the necessary support for your head, neck, and spine, preventing many common forms of back and neck pain.

Furthermore, incorrect pillows can also trigger headaches and muscle aches, whilst the material can trigger allergic reactions in certain people.

What type of sleeper are you?

To get the right pillow for you, it’s important to identify the way you spend most of your time while sleeping.

This can be split into three categories:

Back sleepers:

People who spend most of their time sleeping on their backs would require a thin, flat pillow to support their head and neck.

TEMPUR’s range of traditional pillows are filled with specially developed TEMPUR particles, and the range is all about plush comfort and support.

You can even dress our traditional pillows up in your favourite bed linen.

The cover – like all TEMPUR pillow covers – also meets Oeko-Tex® 100 standard, meaning it has been tested for harmful substances and poses no risk to health.

Stomach Sleepers:

For those who sleep on their stomach, a thin pillow is best, as they require less support.

This keeps the head from rising too high, and prevents putting pressure on the neck. Those of us who sleep on our stomach would also benefit from a more traditionally-shaped pillow.

Side sleepers:

People who sleep on their side need a more contoured pillow.

TEMPUR’s ergonomically-designed range of pillows contour to the shape of your body and mould to your unique natural curvature, helping neck and shoulder muscles relax fully to relieve any discomfort.

Things to consider when choosing the right pillow

  • Based on your sleeping position, identify the right pillow for head and neck support.
  • Choose a pillow that is right for your body size. In helping to align your spine when sleeping on your back or side, because there are so many different body shapes, the Original Pillow is available in different sizes. Typically the broader your shoulders, the higher the pillow you need.
  • Keep track of how old your pillow is. Your pillow should be replaced every 18 months to ensure you’re getting the right support.

Pairing the right pillow with the right mattress for your body type will ensure a good nights sleep and help you with your comfort for the next day as well.

Does your pillow work for your body type? Do you have any top tips for choosing a suitable pillow? Let us know in the comments below…

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