How to test a mattress in store: what you should be looking for

Choosing a new mattress is an important decision, especially as sleep is something you look forward to at the end of a hard day.

But do you really know what to look out for when buying a new mattress?

TEMPUR looks at what to consider before you buy your new mattress, and the best way to test a mattress in-store.

Before you go to the store

You probably spend more time on your mattress than any other furniture in your home, therefore it’s essential you get it right. However, buying a mattress can also be a costly purchase, hence why you should always try before you buy!

Having a clear idea of the mattress you want before heading into store will also help. You should consider:

  • Budget
  • Firmness
  • Material
  • Health problems – allergies, joint aches, circulatory issues (TEMPUR is an open celled viscoelastic, pressure relieving and temperature sensitive material that moulds to the exact contours of your body)
  • Measure the space available

If you have a partner, be sure to discuss these areas with them and try to reach a compromise, as making sure you’re sleeping on the right mattress before you buy a new one is vital!

Mattress trial in-store

To be sure you’re picking the best mattress for you, test them in-store. Find mattresses that meet your requirements and begin your mattress trial.

Firstly, you should lie on each mattress for about ten minutes, and reflect on the following:

  • Size – you want to fit comfortably on your mattress without your feet dangling off the edge. Also, the right height of a mattress will ensure proper spinal support and alignment
  • Firmness – whether you’re looking for a soft, medium, or firm mattress, you can get a real feel for the firmness by lying back and letting yourself sink in. Weight plays an important role in firmness, and usually, the lighter you are the softer the firmness should be for maximum comfort
  • Sleeping position – when testing the mattress, lie in your natural sleeping position. For side sleepers, ensure that your spinal alignment is correct by asking a partner or shop assistant to take a photograph of you lying down. If you’re a back sleeper, your back should press into the mattress – if there is a gap between the curve of your spine and the mattress, it is too hard. Front sleepers should rely on their own measure of comfort for this part

Whilst you try out your chosen mattresses, talk to an assistant who can give you more information and guidance for the best choice.

Post purchase

Once you have purchased your mattress, ask whether there is a trial period where you can ensure that the mattress meets your needs and aids a restful night’s sleep.

If you purchase a TEMPUR mattress, we’re so positive that you will experience the best sleep ever that we will let you try it out for 100 nights, just to confirm it’s as perfect as we say it is.

To book your TEMPUR® 100 Night Trial, place an order on our website today!

What do you look for when you test a mattress? Do you think a trial period can make the decision easier? Let us know in the comments below…

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