The best bedding for your needs: cotton, silk, or something else?

With the autumn beginning and winter around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about your bedding. Should you change materials for the colder months? Does it make a difference?

The perfect bedding is subjective to every individual, but TEMPUR looks at whether there is a best bedding for you…

Different types of bedding fabrics

When it comes to choosing bedding, you would usually prioritise colour and style to match the interior of your room. However, the material of your bed sheets has more of an impact on your sleep than merely the aesthetic.

With so many different materials out there, you may wonder which bedding is considered the best. However, each fabric has different qualities which can help you sleep better.


Cotton bedding is the most popular choice – not only is it affordable, but soft, breathable, and suitable for all climates. It offers great comfort, and is extremely easy to clean.

Cotton comes in a range of qualities. Most sheets will be made from Upland cotton, the most grown cotton in the world, which is relatively inexpensive. Egyptian cotton is the most luxurious and high quality, consisting of extra-long fibres which create a silky texture. Pima cotton is also naturally soft, and perfect for bed sheets.


Silk is a beautifully rich fabric, and when used as bedding, can have multiple benefits. Just like cotton, it helps regulate temperature, making it an all-year-round choice of bedding.

Its natural hypo-allergenic qualities make it a great choice for people with sensitive skin or allergies, such as eczema, psoriasis, and asthma.

The amino-acids in silk bedding are said to promote good skin and healthier hair, reducing split ends, and preventing knots.

However, silk is a difficult material to care for and pricier than opting for cotton bedding.


Great for the cold, flannel bedding is both soft and snuggly, trapping in heat which is essential as winter approaches.

Other Blends:

Blends are often a popular choice, as they are both affordable and extremely soft, due to high thread count. Bamboo blends are becoming increasingly popular, due to their temperature regulating and antimicrobial qualities.

Blends are a cheaper alternative, with benefits such as durability and a crease-free finish.

How often should I wash my sheets?

When you first buy sheets, don’t forget to wash them! You should then wash your sheets once a week to get rid of any bacteria or dirt that’s accumulated in them.

Some materials are harder to take care of, so if your bedding is likely to get dirty quickly or you have children, opt for machine washable bedding.

Different weaves of bedding

There is also ‘weave’ to consider when choosing bedding, including percale sheets, which provide a crisp texture, or jersey sheets made of flat knit for a more stretchy, soft feel.

TEMPUR offers a range of bedding, including the TEMPUR-Fit Pillow cases which are 100% cotton, and the TEMPUR-FIT Fitted Sheet that is created from the finest quality cotton and blended with elastane.

These are the only other accessories you will need after purchasing your TEMPUR mattress, which automatically includes TEMPUR Comfort Pillow Originals, TEMPUR-Fit Classic Quilt, and TEMPUR-Fit Mattress protector as part of the TEMPUR Sleep System – exclusively available online and in TEMPUR brand stores.

What type of bedding do you sleep best in? Let us know in the comments below…

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