Is an electric blanket the best way to keep warm this winter?

As the temperature drops and we try to stay warm during sleep, you may wonder whether an electric blanket is worth purchasing. Do you give in to temptation or layer up and save energy instead?

TEMPUR looks at the pros and cons of an electric blanket and alternative ways of keeping warm…

Using an electric blanket

Electric blankets can seem like the cost-effective choice to keep us toasty at night. They work by electricity passing through insulated wires in a blanket, which in turn heats up the bed.

However, they can be hazardous if not used correctly.

Always ensure that your electric blanket has a safety certification mark and is tested every three years. You should also check that using an electric blanket is safe with your mattress before purchasing.

We would not recommend using an electric blanket with a TEMPUR mattress as the mattress works best with your natural body heat, so you may not feel the optimum support if an electric blanket is used.

For correct use of an electric blanket, you should:

  • Follow instructions
  • Keep all blankets flat
  • Tie the electric blanket to the bed or mattress to stop it slipping
  • Don’t leave it on all night
  • Don’t get the electric blanket wet
  • Ensure switches are not covered

If you see scorch marks, fraying fabric, loose wire connections or exposed elements, these are all dangerous signs and you should avoid using the blanket or purchase a new one.

Achieving the optimum sleep temperature

Another thing to consider when deciding whether to use an electric blanket is the possibility of overheating when you’re asleep.

Each night, we pass through a series of sleep cycles. During each cycle, our body temperature progressively declines. A decline in body temperature is a natural amendment and one that an electric blanket may disrupt.

Maintaining the correct body temperature as we sleep has various health benefits, including weight loss, as the body will burn more calories to keep warm, and a balance in melatonin and hormone growth, both of which are anti-aging hormones!

To achieve the optimum sleep temperature, you could turn your electric blanket off just before you get into bed, or wear a cosy pair of pyjamas.

Other alternatives to keep warm

There are many other easy ways to keep warm without cranking up the thermostat or busting out the heater this winter, including:

  • Change your bedding – choose a thicker, higher quality duvet to keep you warmer, and use flannel sheets, known for their snuggly feel
  • Layer up – blankets, socks and fleecy pyjamas, layer up this winter and save energy!
  • Hot water bottle – old school but reliable
  • Block drafts – whether it’s from the window or underneath the door, blocking drafts will help keep the heat in
  • Hot bath – just before bed, soak and relax in a hot bath, guaranteed to warm you up and promote a good night’s sleep
  • A warming drink – a calming camomile tea will help you get your 40 winks

Do you have an electric blanket? Or do you have any other tips for keeping warm in the winter? Let us know in the comments below…

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