How to sleep at somebody else’s house

Visiting friends and family can often mean travelling, whether it’s down the road or to another country.

Most of the time, we’ll choose to spend the night here despite the probability of a sleepless night on an uncomfortable sofa.

TEMPUR suggests ways to ensure you have a comfortable night’s sleep wherever you are, making somebody else’s house a home, even if it’s just for one night…

Find the perfect temperature for sleep

Trying to follow your usual bedtime routine will keep your body clock regular.

A good way to ensure a decent night’s sleep at someone else’s house is to make your environment as comfortable as it is at home – especially your temperature.

Striking a balance between hot and cold can make or break a good night’s sleep even in your own bed, so when trying to settle in a new location it’s key to regulate your body temperature throughout the night to avoid restless and anxious sleep.

Although it may be difficult to have a long warm bath at a friend’s house like you might do at home, you can still regulate your temperature to help initiate and stay asleep, even in an alien environment.

Packing warm clothes, socks especially, and shutting your friend’s window could help avoid trouble sleeping away from home.

Don’t be afraid to ask for an extra blanket if it means proper shuteye!

Make it feel like home

Home comforts can be a great way to avoid disturbed rest on the road.

Scents that remind you of your own bed can calm you before sleeping, but when on the road it can be easier to have a lavender essential oil to throw in your bag and apply a few drops onto a tissue to put under your pillow when getting ready for bed.

You can also rub oils onto your wrists and neck. Lavender reduces tension and nervous energy in the body – great if you’re sleeping in an unknown environment.

Packing the TEMPUR Travel Kit can also make you feel at home; the portable sleep system gives you optimum pressure relief and stress-free sleep on the go.

A calm mind will lead to a calm night

Listening to calm music or relaxation podcasts can help you wind down and shouldn’t be too intrusive at a sleepover.

However, if you find yourself asking what to do when you can’t sleep at a friend’s house but don’t want to make too much noise it can be helpful to write down your thoughts from the day or tasks for the next so that you can have a restful and worry-free night.

It’s likely that you’ll want to be productive the day after a sleepover, so getting your outfit and bag prepped the night before can be one less thing on your mind before you try and settle down in an unfamiliar environment.

Preparation is the key to a good night’s sleep

It can be difficult to get 40 winks when you’re on the move, but simple measures like turning electronics off early and avoiding consuming sugar late at night can go a long way to ensuring you get the recommended 6-8 hours.

Try drinking hot water or a sleeping tea, like chamomile, and read a book instead of your emails to make you fall asleep quickly and stay sound asleep until morning.

Even small measures like an eye mask to block out light can make a difference if your room is slightly brighter than you’re used to.

These are all things you can fit in an overnight bag – being prepped can help avoid a sleepless night away from home.

How do you get a good night’s sleep when away from your home? Share your tips with us in the comments below…

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