The Power of Recovery

With the new year comes new resolutions, most of which will focus on quitting bad habits and trying to stay, or get, healthy. Many people make it their aim to get fit, embarking on fitness regimes with health and physical results at the core.

To see the benefits of our resolutions, whether it’s being physically fit or more mindful, recovery is essential. Ensuring a good night’s rest will reset your productivity for the next day.

TEMPUR looks at the powers of sleep and recovery on both our physical and mental wellbeing…

Why rest is important

Rest day can be daunting when you’re trying your hardest to gain results, but there are fundamental reasons why not taking a time out is counter-productive to reaching your goals.

Avoid burnout

Rest is essential for preventing burnout and injuries when working out more frequently, especially when introducing exercise into your routine.

Sticking to your goals is both mentally and physically challenging and they can be hard to maintain when you’re fatigued. Rest can boost your mentality, encouraging productivity and results.

Muscles need rest to repair

A balance between downtime and hard work is needed for your muscles to repair for your next workout. We have to remember that relaxation allows the body to train harder in future sessions.

During our recovery periods the body still works extremely hard to replenish glycogen to restore muscles – this applies to our sleep and days away from the gym!

Over-exercising causes restlessness

Over-exercising can put your body into a constant restless state meaning you get minimal or disturbed sleep.

Your energy expenditure decreases when you’re asleep meaning energy can be used to repair and protect your body for the day ahead. This is why sleeping when you exercise is vital to see results from training.

Ways to recover from exercise

Eating well

Consuming the right food before and after exercise is essential when trying to minimise muscle soreness and replenish your body’s energy.

  • Protein helps to build and repair muscles
  • Healthy fats allow you to absorb essential vitamins and minerals
  • Vitamins and minerals assist muscle movement and prevent inflammation
  • Carbohydrates provide the body with energy lost during a workout

Balanced eating is key to recovery.

Stretch, massage and roll

Stretching reduces muscle fatigue which helps your body to recover faster.

Massage and foam rolling are known to have a similar effect on the body, assisting the healing process and reducing build-up of lactic acid (it feels great after a workout too)! Try using a tennis ball for a harder massage to target muscles.

Reset your mentality

Practices such as mindfulness and meditation give your mind the chance to reflect and your body the opportunity to unwind, making rest less broken so your body can refresh.

Taking some time for yourself with no distractions can sometimes be enough, however if you struggle there are plenty of apps and online guides to mindful practices that can help.

Benefits of a good night’s sleep

Intense exercise exhausts the body, so ensure you treat yourself kindly and give yourself adequate sleep for recovery. TEMPUR mattresses can help you feel weightless, taking emphasis away from muscle soreness and allowing you a decent night’s sleep.

  • Alongside nourishing your body with the right foods, sleep helps muscle, ligament and tendon repair and maintains regular bodily functions
  • Benefits of sleep do not just include muscle and body repair but sleep also recharges the mind for motivation and impetus
  • Our bodies build most muscle during sleep and the hours following a workout with the human growth hormone released when the lights are out. This means sleep is imperative to seeing internal and external muscular results

Sleep deprivation, despite being common, can be detrimental to your health and recovery. Investing in quality pillows and beds, alongside a mattress, is essential for productivity.

Kick off the New Year with a sustainable training and restful balance for long-lasting, healthy results.

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