The nation’s most common dreams unveiled

Every night millions of dreams are happening all over the world, many of which we forget. But there are always those that we remember and many that we tend to have in common.

There’s been speculation over dream interpretation for years now, and it’s very unlikely that there’s a right or wrong answer. More often than not our dreams are personal and the meaning is unique to each individual.

But what about those reoccurring dreams that many of us recognise? TEMPUR unravels the meanings of our most frequent dreams…

When your teeth are falling out 

Teeth falling out is one of the most common dreams, but there’s lots of speculation over this dreams meaning. Here are some frequent interpretations…

  • Perhaps our emotional experiences in waking life are being challenged or interfered with
  • Teeth falling out could symbolise changes occurring in our regular routine
  • Fear of a certain situation is also a recurrent explanation for this common dream

When you’re being chased

Being chased is more like a nightmare than a dream to many of us. This is one that several of us can relate to, but what is the dreams meaning?

  • This dream could signify us running away from something we’re afraid or scared of in our lives
  • It could mean avoiding confrontational, personal or problematic situations in waking life
  • The ‘chaser’ in the dream may also be a representation of an anxiety in our own personality

When you’re naked

Among the more embarrassing of our common dreams are the naked ones – turning up to work without your clothes or meeting up with friends in the nude. So why do our dreams put us in these peculiar circumstances?

  • These dreams can represent our insecure, vulnerable side suggesting we’re conscious that we may have let our guard down
  • It’s thought nakedness in dreams can also be linked to shamefulness or humiliation

When cars are uncontrollable

Another regular dream is being out of control in a car, whether you are a passenger or in the driving seat. These are some explanations for what this may represent:

  • As driver of the car, the dream may be representative of how in control you feel in your life
  • As a passenger of the car it could be suggesting you feel someone else is controlling your life
  • Reckless driving could be signifying bad or irresponsible decisions you’re making or have made

When you keep falling

Falling in a dream can be one of the most disconcerting feelings of all, one which many of us experience regularly, but what does this vision say about our waking life?

  • It’s often thought that falling in dreams is another sign of feeling out of control of relationships, work or life
  • Falling may also represent a sense of being overwhelmed by real life situations
  • Some suggest that falling means we think our goals are unattainable, showing a lack of self assurance

When do dreams occur?

It’s also good to know why we dream and at what point in our sleep cycle these common yet peculiar dreams occur.

If we think of sleep in two different parts – REM and NREM – then our most intense and vivid dreams occur in during REM sleep. REM sleep is the deepest stage of sleep you can reach, essential for forming memory and enabling us to learn better.

Using a TEMPUR mattress will help you reach the most restorative stages of sleep, ensuring you have optimum comfort while drifting off to the land of nod (where you and your neighbour might share one of these common dreams!)

Do you have any other common dreams to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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