Lumbar Supports: What they are and why we need them

It’s estimated that around 28 million Britons suffer with chronic back and neck pain. Over exercising, underlying health issues or a bad night’s sleep are just a few of the many possible explanations.

However, there are ways we can ease neck and back pain, starting with better lumbar support.

TEMPUR takes a look at the benefits of using lumbar supports and other ways to alleviate posterior pains…

How do lumbar supports work?

Using a TEMPUR lumbar support pillow can change the back pain game! Here are just some of the ways these supports work:

  • Lumbar supports can encourage the natural posture of the body which is often forgotten when sitting down for longer periods of time
  • Alignment can be helped with a lumbar support, stacking ears on top of shoulders and encouraging the natural curvature of the spine
  • Alignment also helps avoid spinal compression which is common when we slouch and causes back and neck pain
  • Support pillows help to relieve pressure from areas of the spine that usually take the brunt when we’re sat down

When could lumbar supports be used?

If you work at a desk, using a lumbar support throughout the working day is the optimum time to make a difference to your posture, resulting in minimised aches.

When you’re at home and sitting in a static position for extended periods of time, such as watching the TV or reading, try to use a lumbar support to avoid poor alignment and assist your spines natural curvature.

Using a lumbar support in the car is also a useful tip. Our posture in the car can be dreadful, especially if we get caught up in traffic or we’re exhausted after work. By leaving a lumbar support on your seat, the support your spine needs for these journeys will always be available – even when you aren’t expecting a gridlock!

How else can you ease neck pain and back pain?

Lumbar support is known to improve back pains and other associated symptoms. But there are other ways to help ease spinal aches…

  • Back pain often starts with sleeping position and it’s advised for back ache sufferers to sleep on their backs with a pillow under the knees
  • Getting a decent mattress and pillows is also vital to caring for your spine. TEMPUR mattresses are made with the support of your back in mind, making you feel weightless as you sleep
  • Some find that yoga, swimming and Pilates can lessen aches as they require little impact but keep joints and muscles flexible. However, if exercising with back pain it is vital that good form is kept and that the body is warmed up and cooled down properly
  • It’s also important to try and stay limber as sitting in one position for too long can be detrimental. Try to move at least once every hour and stretch out tight body parts whenever possible
  • Massages can help loosen tight muscles that often exacerbate back pain and can also help relax the body which can be great if aches are keeping you up at night

Do you have trouble with back or neck pain? Have you ever tried lumbar support? Share your experiences below…

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