Win this Wimbledon 2018: get top sleep tips from Serena Williams and enter the #GameSetNaps competition

Sleep is key to athletic recovery – and with Wimbledon 2018 coming up, who could offer better advice than Serena Williams, four-times Olympic gold medallist, seven-times Wimbledon winner, and TEMPUR brand ambassador.

Serena Williams explains the importance of sleep in sport, and her own top sleep tips…

Serena Williams faces her Wimbledon 2018 challenge as a new mum

After giving birth to her daughter Alexis Olympia in September 2017, Serena Williams took some well-deserved time off from playing tennis to adjust to life as a new mum.

Serena is anticipated to be one of this year’s top players, despite new parenting duties and a previous pectoral injury.

Serena’s coach Patrick Mouratoglou has said that he is confident that her level of skill and fitness is back – which should make for an exciting competition!

The power of sleep

As a 23-times Grand Slam winner, fashion designer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and now mother, Serena embodies power, both on and off the court.

So, what fuels her drive and success as an athlete? Her secret is ten years of sleep on a TEMPUR mattress and pillow.

Serena recognises that sleep is a critical component of her demanding training regimen and recovery efforts:

“Tempur dramatically reduces motion transfer, so I can sleep all night without being disturbed and wake up feeling powerful.”

Quality sleep, optimum performance

The power of sleep and recovery is key to physical and mental wellbeing. To see the benefits physical activity, recovery is essential. Ensuring a good night’s rest will promote recovery and as such, optimum performance.

During recovery periods, the body still works extremely hard to replenish glycogen to restore muscles – this applies to our sleep and any time away from the court/pitch/gym. Relaxation therefore allows the body to train harder in future sessions.

Our bodies build most muscle during sleep and the hours following a workout, with the human growth hormone released when the lights are out. This means that sleep is imperative to seeing internal and external muscular results.

Enter the #GameSetNaps competition

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