Sleep-o-scope: Sleeping positions and what they say about you

We all have a unique way of sleeping, and every night we’ll almost always get into our favourite sleeping position before drifting off to the land of nod.

But what do these sleeping positions say about us? Sleep scientists and psychologists are constantly trying to understand our sleeping patterns and habits, so TEMPUR looks at some of the most popular theories…

The most common sleeping position: foetal position

It might not surprise you that the most common sleeping position for adults is that which we adopt when we are growing in our mother’s womb – the foetal position. Each night, over 41% of adults roll on to their side, tuck their knees up to their chest and bow their heads down, but what does this say about their personality?

Foetal sleepers can be worriers and over-thinkers, however their hard exterior suggests otherwise. The foetal position shows that the sleeper is returning to their comfort zone, perhaps after a stressful or difficult day.

A night’s sleep in this position can leave the sleeper feeling refreshed when they wake up. Sleeping in such a comforting position helps relieve worries, preparing you for the day ahead.

Other sleeping positions and what they mean

While the foetal position is by far the most popular, here are some other positions that you might relate to:

The Yearner – side sleeper with their arms stretched in front of them.

A complex character, the yearner stretches out their arms to either chase their dreams or paradoxically be chased by them. Yearners are optimistic yet cynical – often their own worst critics. They should remember to adopt a positive attitude when trying to achieve their goals!

The Sleeping Soldier – 8% of adults sleep on their back with their arms by their side.

Much like their sleeping position, the sleeping soldier is often reserved. They can be quiet in day-to-day life, and similar to the soldier, have high moral standards for both themselves and others.

The Starfish ­– takes up most of the bed with their limbs stretched to each corner!

Although the starfish may not be popular with their partner from taking up most of the bed, they often make the best friends. They are open, honest and always there to listen.

The Lazy Log – 15% of us ‘sleep like a log’ as the old saying goes: on our side with our arms down.

The log sleeper is friendly and social, popular among friends and family. Although they might wake up feeling stiff, they are generally carefree characters! A log sleeper can sometimes be set in their ways, though learning to relax in both their body and mind is hugely beneficial!

The Freefaller – sleeps on their front, face down and arms beneath their pillows. The most uncomfortable position!

Free fallers are bold and sociable people. However, as their name suggests, often these sleepers have no control in their everyday life. Difficult situations can prove hard for these sleepers to grasp, leaving them to wake up anxious. Free fallers should take life head on, deploy their parachutes and take back control!

The Thinker – sleeps in a foetal position with their hand resting beneath their chin.

The thinker is in touch with their emotions, whether happy or sad. By returning to the foetal position, they offer themselves comfort in times of need. Thinkers shouldn’t let their emotions get the better of them!

The Stargazer – back sleepers with their hands behind their head.

If you’re a star gazer, chances are you’re a happy go lucky kind of person. You understand the importance of friendship and will always be there in times of need. Your stars are always in alignment with your friends, who are very lucky to have you!

The Pillow Hugger – ultimate comfort wrapped up in the duvet.

This sleeping position screams out ‘snuggle’, whether you’re hugging your pillow or curled up in a ball with your duvet wrapped around you. Pillow huggers are all about relationships, from keeping bonds strong with family and friends, or staying close to their partners. They will prioritise relationships above all else!

Next time you snuggle down into your TEMPUR mattress, think about your sleeping position and whether it matches up with any of these personality types!

What’s your go to sleeping position? Does it match up with your personality? Let us know in the comments below…

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