Wake up well in winter with the TEMPUR Sleep System OFFER

With the colder weather making bedrooms chilly and draughty, what’s the best way to stay warm during sleep?

TEMPUR’s main goal is to help you find your perfect mattress, so you can have the best sleep possible – even when it’s cold outside.

The TEMPUR Sleep System helps to optimise comfort, support, and body temperature, and is on offer with up to £100 off now until 31st October 2018.

The ultimate in comfort and support

By investing in the TEMPUR Sleep System, your mattress will automatically include the following:

  • A TEMPUR Comfort Pillow Original that combines pressure-relieving comfort and support
  • A TEMPUR-FIT™ Mattress Protector that is both breathable and waterproof
  • A TEMPUR-FIT™ Classic Quilt made with soft European Down that optimises body temperature and humidity control

You will receive 1 pillow for a single mattress purchase and 2 pillows with doubles.

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TEMPUR bedding range

The TEMPUR-Fit Pillow cases are 100% cotton, and the TEMPUR-FIT Fitted Sheets are made from finest quality cotton, blended with elastane.

With the TEMPUR bedding range, you can complete your perfect bedding set in time for winter, perfect for cosy nights in.

Use the code TEMPUR18 to benefit from this amazing offer.

Warmer nights for higher quality sleep

Specially designed to conform to your shape and weight, TEMPUR material softens, compresses and conforms to mould to your body at average bedroom temperature, for a comforting sleep.

Your TEMPUR mattress will ensure you get a great night’s sleep, even when it’s cold at night, helping you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.


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