Sleeping in the great outdoors

Camping can be uncomfortable if you don’t have the right tools to make the most of your stay in the great outdoors. There is no doubt that you will miss the comfort of your mattress back home, but there is no reason to not try to replicate the feel of your bed.

In this article, TEMPUR® will help you try to get the most out of your camping trip and feel comfortable during your sleep.

Camping: What to bring

One easy and space-efficient way to ensure that you can be comfortable during sleep on your camping trip is by taking an inflatable mattress. An inflatable mattress doesn’t take up a lot of space whilst travelling but makes a huge difference to your bedding. If you have space, bring a pillow from home, however if not, an inflatable camping pillow will be a good option as it can be easily deflated and compressed into your bag.

You will also need a sleeping bag which will suit the weather. If you’re camping in a cold area then make sure that your sleeping bag will retain your body heat, and if you’re sleeping in a warm area use a sleeping bag that you can sleep in without overheating.

Again, if you have space, bring a thick blanket so that you have more elements of comfort from home. The feeling of a soft blanket whilst in an unfamiliar place can help you sleep better, so having one when camping is one of the best ways to help your sleep.

Nothing is worse than a wet tent, so if there is a chance of rain where you’re staying, bring a tarp to cover your tent with. This will protect the inside from getting wet and make your experience entirely more enjoyable.

Tips for getting to sleep

Campsites are generally much darker than your bedroom at home, as the light pollution in the countryside is much less than in towns or cities. However, camping during a full moon can mean that it becomes bright and could affect your sleep. A simple solution is bringing an eye mask. An eye mask will ensure that no light stops you from sleeping, improving the quality of your night.

Another way to improve the comfort for your senses is by using earplugs. The sounds of nature can be very relaxing and mesmerising, but they can equally induce paranoia about what the sounds are. Insects sound very loud in complete silence, so it can become increasingly difficult to fall asleep to foreign noises. Earplugs can block out the sounds that prevent you from sleeping and improve your camping experience.

Preparation for the trip:

You want your camping trip to go as smoothly as possible, so one way to ensure your tent and shelter for the night will be sufficient is to test it a few days before. By testing out your tent and other main components inside your tent before the trip, there will be much less chance of something going wrong. If you discover a problem with your tent, for example, a hole, then you have time to fix it.

It is best to set up your tent and sleeping mats/bags during the day, while it is still light. Trying to set up your tent in the dark will make things extremely difficult and means you won’t be able to relax, which is paramount for getting good sleep, especially on a camping trip.

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