Prepare for the autumn with the TEMPUR® Sleep System

August is ending and already the rain has returned. As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, we all feel ourselves becoming more sluggish, with the urge to hit snooze on the alarm and hibernate in our beds growing.

Resisting this can be hard but is made far easier by maximising the quality of our sleep. Sleep is a miracle that we often don’t take the time to appreciate. Amongst many other health benefits, sleep is incredibly beneficial for our mental wellbeing. Ensuring you get a good night of rest is a great way to combat any September blues and find facing the cooler mornings that little bit easier. Fortunately, TEMPUR® are here to help you get prepared.

The TEMPUR® Offer

From the 15th of August onwards, TEMPUR® are offering up to £300 off all the mattresses in their Cloud, Original, Hybrid and Sensation Collections! A purchase of one of these mattresses automatically includes the revolutionary TEMPUR® Sleep System, consisting of:

  • A TEMPUR® Comfort Pillow Original – made with TEMPUR® Material to provide pressure-relieving comfort and support
  • A TEMPUR-FIT™ Mattress Protector – waterproof whilst remaining breathable, this ultra-thin protector helps keep your mattress clean and fresh
  • A TEMPUR-FIT™ Classic Quilt – a temperature regulating duvet that adjusts to maintain optimal temperature and humidity for a deep and restful sleep

Just use the code TEMPUR321 when ordering online to make your saving.

Waking up in the autumn

As the number of hours of darkness increases, many of us will find ourselves feeling lethargic and wanting to spend more time hiding in bed. This happens because a lack of light causes the body to produce more of the chemical melatonin, which regulates our sleep cycle. The reduced amount of time we spend in the sun also means we get less vitamin D in the autumn. This regularly leaves us tired and grumpy.

Counter these problems by ensuring you expose yourself to light from the start of the day. This means opening the curtain as soon as you wake up and, if possible, taking an invigorating walk in the morning.

Maximising the quality of your sleep

Also ensure you get the best possible sleep at night, by getting the right support and comfort in bed. TEMPUR® mattresses offer you the best in both. Engineered from layers of TEMPUR® Material, their mattresses mould to your body shape to give total support where you need it, without any counter-pressure.

You also don’t have to compromise on feel. The range of collections offered by TEMPUR® means that you can have a mattress of a firmness suited to you. Whether this be the firmer bounce of the Sensation collection, or the dreamily soft Cloud Collection, there is a supportive TEMPUR® mattress for you.

Sinking into a TEMPUR® mattress is the perfect way to ensure a peaceful sleep and make waking up in autumn easier.

Finding the right temperature in the autumn

It can be tempting in autumn to have the central heating on high and the fireplace roaring. Indeed, being too cold in the night can cause a slump in melatonin production, leading to a poor sleep quality.

Nevertheless, it is best not to have your bedroom too warm, so you must be careful with the heating. At night, your internal temperature drops slightly. If you get too hot, your body will struggle to bring its temperature back down, which can cause you to wake up.

A TEMPUR® mattress will help you solve the dilemma of room temperature. Able to adjust to your body heat, their mattresses release the heat they absorb from you to remain at average room temperature. This keeps your body at optimum temperature throughout the night. Paired with the TEMPUR-FIT™ Classic Quilt, the perfect night of sleep awaits you.

Take refuge from the coming autumn nights with the TEMPUR® Sleep System and get the deep, restful sleep you need to prepare yourself for the morning.

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