Relax and Unwind with The TEMPUR® Spring Sale

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When spring arrives, lots of us like to relax in our garden, or admire the wildlife from our window. So why, when the rest of the world is so refreshed, aren’t you? For some people, spring can be a difficult time of year to get a good night’s sleep.

Fortunately, this spring TEMPUR® are hosting a huge sale to help improve your sleep.


With all the excitement and stresses of the modern world, you must ensure you have the right sleep environment to unwind in before falling asleep, and having the right mattress is central to this.
Luckily, TEMPUR® offer a range of mattresses, all crafted using advanced sleep technology created by NASA for space travel. TEMPUR® are committed to helping you find the right mattress and discover a sleep experience like none other.

Simply choose from one of the four TEMPUR® Collections: Cloud, Original, Hybrid, or Sensation to benefit from this offer. The right mattress should mould to your shape, guiding you into a perfect night’s sleep.


For the duration of the Spring Sale, TEMPUR® are also including all outlet mattresses in the 100-night trial, plus you will have a bonus option of adding a matching mattress protector to your basket at checkout. TEMPUR® mattress protectors add an extra comforting layer to your mattress and are ultra-thin for breathability.

If you are looking to refresh your pillows, there is also a 30-night TEMPUR® pillow trial that could be the perfect option for you.


As we are currently spending more time indoors, it can be difficult to effectively work from home, especially when you have a small living space. However, there are many ways in which you can separate your bedroom and work space to ensure you have efficient work day and night of sleep!

The best way is to work as far away from your bed as possible, and try to use a desk. This will help you to not get distracted. Working at a desk helps your posture, preventing neck and back pain, and it will give you a work mode mindset, compared to working from your bed.

You can also decorate your desk to help you stay focused. Plants and other objects can create a more pleasant work environment.


Why not use your extra time at home to do some spring cleaning and rejuvenate your bedroom? By increasing the comfort of your bedroom and sleeping space, it will help you to relax after a day of work. You can increase your comfort by swapping out your old mattress for a new TEMPUR® memory foam mattress. Pillows that support your sleeping style will also help improve your comfort.

What will you be doing to celebrate the arrival of spring? Have you got any advice for sleeping better at night? Please share it in the comments below…

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