Relax This Summer With TEMPUR® Summer Sale

The sun can boost our mood but what about our sleep? For a lot of people, summer can create various problems for sleeping. This may be due to a variety of reasons, and whether it’s the weather or your mental health, summertime shouldn’t be when you’re at your most anxious to get to bed.

Fortunately, this summer TEMPUR® are hosting a huge sale to help improve your sleep during this season.


If you are looking to refresh your pillows this summer, TEMPUR® are currently running a 30-night TEMPUR® pillow trial. This is a great option to try out a TEMPUR® pillow to see how much it improves your sleep. TEMPUR® pillows are available in three different feels, so whatever your head and neck support needs, we’re sure to have what you’re looking for.


Not only is TEMPUR® offering up to £200 off bed bases but we also have just launched a fabric sampling service for the bed bases and headboards so you can make sure your new bed base (not mattress) coordinates with your home décor. Give your sleep space the centrepiece it deserves with a brand-new bed base from TEMPUR®.


Outlet bargains include half price on plush toys. As well as looking cute, the addition of a few new stuffed friends to your sleep sanctuary offers an unrivalled sense of safety and sereneness. So, if you want to decorate your room or simply add another layer of comfort into your bedroom, this is a great option.


Disturbed sleep is common during the summer and one of the reasons for this is the increase of temperature in your room. To help solve this problem, consider changing the position of your bed. Notice if it’s currently by an air source, e.g. an air-conditioning unit or open window. If it’s not, move your bed closer to one and let the breeze soothe you into a peaceful slumber.

The increase in daylight may be another reason for your disturbed sleep. As a result of there being more daylight, you may find it more difficult to fall asleep. Many of us are light sleepers without realising it, until the sun is pouring through the gaps in our curtains and preventing us from getting the rest we need. A solution to this problem is replacing your current curtains with ones that block out more sunlight.

Allergies are another factor that can create a disruption in your sleep during the summer. If you suffer from specific allergies during the summer, it may be time to change your mattress. These can harbour pollen particles and other allergens, especially if they’re over a certain age. Allergies create discomfort and therefore the added support a fresh TEMPUR® mattress brings you, will help you sleep through the night.

Do you struggle with sleep during the summertime? If so, how do you currently cope with it? Please share it in the comments below…


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